Coming November 30th, 2020!

Princess Eya’s life changes forever with the discovery of the Statue of the Goddess Winds, just as she’s coming of age. The long-overlooked kingdom of Hicares finds itself in a war it isn’t prepared for…(read more)

The Telverin Trilogy

When the most powerful object in the world is found in a small mountain country, a young princess learns that the life she’s been trained for since birth is not the one she was created to lead. Is she a pawn in the hands of the powerful or can she find her own happiness?

Book 1 of the Telverin Trilogy: Struggling With the Current is coming November 2020!

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Telverin Quiz!

I’m getting pretty excited about the upcoming release of Struggling With the Current, the first book of the Telverin Trilogy! So, I decided to make this fun little quiz so that you can learn more about the world of Telverin and find your place in it. Give it a go!

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