The Telverin Trilogy

When the most powerful object in the world is found in a small mountain country, a young princess learns that the life she’s been trained for since birth is not the one she was created to lead. Is she a pawn in the hands of the powerful or can she find her own happiness?

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Intelligence and Luck

Oh, to be blissfully ignorant! CW: Mentions of depression, suicide, death Before I say anything more, I want to assure you I’m working a folktale into this. I promise. Occasionally, I’ll look back on yesteryear and think, “If I’d only known what I know now…” Yet, more and more these days, I envy those times…

You are the magic who can make your dreams come true.

I don’t make wishes. Not anymore. I bought into every fairytale as a kid, and while I still enjoy the stories, I don’t believe in leaving my life up to fate. Does that mean I’ve lost the magic in my life? Absolutely not. I’ve replaced wishing upon stars with believing in my own power. I’ve…

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