Struggling With the Current

An ancient relic, an exiled princess, secret cults and libraries, kingdoms at war. All of that and much more when you enter the world of Telverin.

Princess Eya’s life changes forever with the discovery of the Statue of the Goddess Winds, just as she’s coming of age. The long-overlooked kingdom of Hicares finds itself in a war it isn’t prepared for…(read more)

The Telverin Trilogy

When the most powerful object in the world is found in a small mountain country, a young princess learns that the life she’s been trained for since birth is not the one she was created to lead. Is she a pawn in the hands of the powerful or can she find her own happiness?

Book 1 of the Telverin Trilogy: Struggling With the Current is available now!

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Borrowed Time

“I just want to sit on a second floor porch, sip beer, read a book, and watch the rain. Forever.” That’s what the bio on David’s Facebook profile read when he slipped into the coma that lasted for months and months. That’s what it reads now on the profile that acts as his memorial. People … Continue reading Borrowed Time

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