The Telverin Trilogy

When the most powerful object in the world is found in a small mountain country, a young princess learns that the life she’s been trained for since birth is not the one she was created to lead. Is she a pawn in the hands of the powerful or can she find her own happiness?

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Cancer season & Witchy Books

In case you didn’t pick up on my clues, I’m a witch. And I mean it, truly. I’m a modern day witch with a bad memory for dates and a frazzled brain. This mostly means I have a lot of crystals and herbs laying around, and occasionally my husband asks me if I’m doing Stevie…

Pride Month and More

I have some thoughts and some updates. I rarely do these newsletters/blogs until later in the month, but I already have a lot to say this June. It’s Pride Month, which is very important to me for several reasons, I’m demi/pansexual, I have many LBGTQ+ loved ones, and I’m all about people celebrating who they…

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