Roaring Tulips

Trickster Tales

Everyone loves a good trickster. I know I do. As a kid who struggled in P.E. class and didn’t have the charisma of the popular kids, I liked that I was at least clever. When I read about tricksters, it showed that a quick mind could win against the strongest giant or the most powerful … Continue reading Trickster Tales

The Dark Fantastical Worlds Beneath Us

I’m a small woman (It’s true. Read my “About” page on my website.) Sometimes, the world feels too big. Everything is so high and out of reach. There’s all this empty space. It’s lonely and, if I want to dig down really deep, it’s uncomfortable in an existential way. So, I’ve always been fond of … Continue reading The Dark Fantastical Worlds Beneath Us

The Myth of the Pegasus

My seven-year-old is obsessed with My Little Pony, as many children and adults are. For Halloween, she wants to be Twilight Sparkle but also a witch. So, I ordered her a Twilight Sparkle costume and got her a witch hat. She was so delighted at the costume reveal that she gave me a TED Talk … Continue reading The Myth of the Pegasus

Peter Pan is Problematic

I love Twitter, probably too much. I’ve been feeling very indecisive about what to blog, but Twitter polls helped significantly. So, today, I am going to write another feminist rant about a popular fairytale. I want to go further than that, though, because feminism isn’t feminism if it isn’t intersectional. Being a feminist means caring … Continue reading Peter Pan is Problematic

The Scarlet Flower

The Scarlet Flower Hi there, readers! Long time, no blog. I know. Fortunately, this is simply due to all the projects on my plate. So, get ready for a lot more content soon, both on and off the blog! Today, I want to share with you a new Russian fairy tale that has me pretty … Continue reading The Scarlet Flower


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