Roaring Tulips

It’s Sirin, not Siren.

There aren’t enough resources on Slavic mythology. There, I said it. One of the reasons why I wrote Heroes & Harbingers was because I fell in love with sirins and alkonosts. I wanted to write a story that might introduce them to non-slavic cultures. I understood I would soon find myself explaining that a sirin … Continue reading It’s Sirin, not Siren.

Trickster Tales

Everyone loves a good trickster. I know I do. As a kid who struggled in P.E. class and didn’t have the charisma of the popular kids, I liked that I was at least clever. When I read about tricksters, it showed that a quick mind could win against the strongest giant or the most powerful … Continue reading Trickster Tales

The Myth of the Pegasus

My seven-year-old is obsessed with My Little Pony, as many children and adults are. For Halloween, she wants to be Twilight Sparkle but also a witch. So, I ordered her a Twilight Sparkle costume and got her a witch hat. She was so delighted at the costume reveal that she gave me a TED Talk … Continue reading The Myth of the Pegasus

A Broom Is For Sweeping

There are some people that find a great deal of joy in cleaning their homes. I am not one of those people. I would much rather curl up in a hammock with a book than spend even half an hour doing basic upkeep that any child could master. That being said, I love a good … Continue reading A Broom Is For Sweeping


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