The Scarlet Flower

The Scarlet Flower

Hi there, readers! Long time, no blog. I know. Fortunately, this is simply due to all the projects on my plate. So, get ready for a lot more content soon, both on and off the blog!

Today, I want to share with you a new Russian fairy tale that has me pretty excited, because I had never heard of it before. Thanks to Twitter and #FairyTaleTuesday, it came to my attention. A Twitter user going by Soviet Child shared this thread and, oh my, did I feel inspired.

I promise you that you want to go through that entire thread of tweets. The illustrations are breathtaking. You can see why I had to blog about it.

“The Scarlet Flower” is basically the Russian flavor of “Beauty and the Beast.” It has the same theme of love that is stronger than physical attraction and also normalizes Stockholm Syndrome, but it’s just WILD! Do you see the Alkonosts? The dragon? The glowing flower? The heroine who flies?!

I decided to do some more research and discovered that a beautiful animated film of the same name was produced in Moscow in 1952. You can watch the full video on YouTube, but it is in Russian. Even though it isn’t translated, if you know Beauty and the Beast, you can tell exactly what’s happening in the plot.

If you would like to read the full story, check out THIS ENTRY on a site devoted to Russian fairy tales. I plan on bookmarking the site myself.

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