Author Signed Paperback Copies of “Flirting With the Tempest”


Author Signed Paperback of Flirting With the Tempest

To be shipped on 11/5/2022

Receive a paperback copy of Flirting With the Tempest, the second book in The Telverin Trilogy, signed by the author A.R.K. Horton.

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“You know an author is talented when you’re dreaming about the characters.”

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Eya is done running from her enemy. Now, the very people who took her home and threatened her life should be scared of the exiled princess with newfound powers.

Reunited with her brothers and bonding with new friends, Eya fights against the Pescelean invasion of Hicares with the might of Kandum’s army behind her. Success in battle comes easy, but something doesn’t sit right with her. She’s not sure she’s fighting on the right side. Is she truly fated to destroy an entire nation, or is there a way out of this prophecy? Eya learns that sometimes your enemies are the people you allow closer than anyone else.

Flirting With the Tempest is the second book of The Telverin Trilogy, a fantasy war story that takes place between several countries in the world of Telverin.

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