The Music That Inspired Telverin.

Many authors need complete silence to write. Any sound is a distraction from their work. I’m a different kind of writer. I need my music for multiple reasons.

  1. I can more easily put myself into the mood of the scene I’m writing.
  2. I’m one of those people who needs music on almost all the time.
  3. Without music, I’m actually more distracted. Music helps drown out all the millions of thoughts competing for my attention in my head so that I can focus on what really matters.

Recently, the second book in my Telverin Trilogy series, Flirting With the Tempest, was published on Amazon and elsewhere (links at the end for those interested). Readers at my virtual release party got to hear some of the music that inspired me, and, to my surprise, they seemed to enjoy that experience quite a bit. So, I thought it would be nice to share here.

How it started

The interesting thing about the Telverin Trilogy is started with a dream inspired by reading a fairytale (Princess Rosette, which you can read about here) and listening to Hergest Ridge by Mike Oldfield. This song and more by Mike Oldfield helped me flesh out the feel of Telverin as a setting. Hergest Ridge is where the concept of Hicares came from.

Part One

Part Two


Writing Eya is often just me writing about what teenage me would have been like if she had been born a princess in a fantasy world. Many, many amazing songs helped inspire her. During 2020, these were a few of the songs that spoke to me most about the main character of the Telverin Trilogy.

Queen by Perfume Genius

Future Starts Slow by The Kills

Silver Trembling Hands by The Flaming Lips


Just important to me as crafting my main character is fully fleshing out my villain. Farek is terrible, and my readers all want his blood. I love writing scenes with him, and I personally would love some fan art of my evil regent with the moonlight hair. Here are a few songs that helped me write him.

Behind Blue Eyes by The Who

Psycho Killer by Talking Heads

If I Had a Heart (the main title song from Vikings) by Fever Ray

The Playlists

There are many more that I could share here, but you might enjoy it more if I share the two playlists that help me write about Telverin. I have a general Telverin Playlist here. I also have a playlist specifically for battle scenes (my favorite to write) here.

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Yet, by leaving behind all she’s ever known, she learns that her sheltered life didn’t prepare her for the real world’s strange and frightening nature. She encounters people, places, and creatures beyond anything she ever imagined, along with sinister enemies from every direction. Perhaps her most surprising revelation is that she is developing terrifying powers of her own. Will Eya be able to find happiness in her new life, or will she continue struggling with the current?

Struggling With the Current is the first book of The Telverin Trilogy, a fantasy war story that takes place between several countries in the world of Telverin.

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Eya is done running from her enemy. Now, the very people who took her home and threatened her life should be scared of the exiled princess with newfound powers.

Reunited with her brothers and bonding with new friends, Eya fights against the Pescelean invasion of Hicares with the might of Kandum’s army behind her. Success in battle comes easy, but something doesn’t sit right with her. She’s not sure she’s fighting on the right side. Is she truly fated to destroy an entire nation, or is there a way out of this prophecy? Eya learns that sometimes your enemies are the people you allow closer than anyone else.

Flirting With the Tempest is the second book of The Telverin Trilogy, a fantasy war story that takes place between several countries in the world of Telverin.

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