The Telverin Trilogy Completes.

When I was 13 years old, life wasn’t all that great. I had a single working mom who often wasn’t home, because she preferred to stay at her boyfriend’s house and I was old enough to take care of myself, right? I spent most of my non-school time either getting up to trouble with neighborhood friends or alone at home.

One album that helped me deal with the perfect storm of adolescent contemplation and much too much time alone was Hergest Ridge by Mike Oldfield. Instead of thinking of how my mother didn’t want me or how I feared no one could ever love me, I laid in bed reading and listening to that. Then, I would let my eyes close and imagine floating on the ocean. It was the only way I could fall asleep.

One night, I read the fairytale “Princess Rosette” and fell asleep dreaming about a princess who survived a shipwreck by sleeping through it. Then, I woke up with a story idea that I wrote and rewrote five thousand times or more. In November 2020, I finally published “Struggling With the Current,” the first book in The Telverin Trilogy. By the end of the month, all three of the books in the series will be released.

“Racing With the Serpent” is available for pre-order in multiple locations that you can find here.

So, what’s next?

Ending a series that I’ve had in my heart since I was a kid is difficult. Over the years, these characters have become my friends. Telverin has become a vacation destination I can head to whenever the real world gets to be too much. Despite all that, I’m ready to end it. I’m happy with what I’ve created. It’s the story I wanted to tell and it’s time for something new.

My next project has also been tickling the back of my brain since last September. Right now, it’s working title is Magical Magnet High, but that’s far from likely to be the name. It is a dark urban fantasy that will focus on teachers in a public school with magical backgrounds. If that sounds like your kind of reading, stick around for updates and opportunities to receive an ARC eBook in the future.

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